I had an appointment this week. My blood pressure was good at 108/62. The baby’s heart rate was strong at 149. My weight was fine at 133 pounds. However, my fundal height was only 23 cm. I was 24 weeks, 5 days when I had my appointment, so I was measuring about two centimeters small. Most medical sources say measurement/date discrepancies are not significant unless it is 3 cm or more; however, my doctor was concerned because the ultrasound (which is more accurate) at 20 weeks was already showing that she is smaller than expected. Therefore, I will be having an additional ultrasound and seeing a perinatalogist this week to check her growth; specifically that she continues to grow at a reasonable rate and that her growth continues to be symmetric. They will also re-check the organ development and the placenta to make sure there are no problems there that could be hindering her growth. I was upset when we were discussing this, but mostly because he is sending me to a specialist. I feel like that makes it more scary/serious then if he just ordered an additional ultrasound to check on things. I suppose it will be good to have a second person (who is specifically trained to find and treat problems) look her over though.

On the home front, we attempted potty-training with our son (almost 2.5). It started off going well because he was really excited about the fruit snacks that he was awarded for both using the potty and for staying “clean and dry.” (I would have him check himself every ten minutes or so. However, he went through about ten pairs of underwear in two days, had trouble voiding when I made him sit on the potty (maybe he didn’t have to go?) and then had accidents and seemingly no idea of when he was going to go. We were both getting frustrated, and he asked to wear a diaper again. He actually asked to go potty in the potty a few times since returning to diapers, which we continue to support, but we’ll wait at least a month, maybe longer before abandoning diapers again.

I am hosting a baby (girl) shower for my good friend this coming Sunday, so I will be busy getting ready for that. I am hoping to have the guests all contribute to a homemade alphabet book, so I need to get the pages ready for people to decorate and probably decide on another game or two. I am thinking of a sort of Price is Right activity with common baby items like diapers, pacifier, bottle, wipes, etc. (which will all be gifted to the mother/baby of honor at the end. Hopefully, it will be a fun day.

Exercise: two short runs and p90x arms. My gym membership ran out at the end of December, and I am not sure I want to buy another in case we move at some point this year. I was really only using it once a week for the classes anyways, so it probably is not cost-effective. Luckily, we have had some really great weather around here, so I have been able to run and walk outside.

Weight: 133 pounds (up one for the week, up 18 for the pregnancy)

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