I was feeling pretty nervous for my appointment with the specialist. When we got up that morning, my husband asked me what the probability was that we were going to get good news. I wasn’t sure how to answer. I told him that it was possible that a chromosomal problem was causing her to be small, but it was less likely since there were no anatomic problems noted on the 20 week ultrasound, that it could be a problem with the placenta or the cord (though this also looked fine on the 20 week ultrasound), or she could just be constitutionally small.

The appointment was fine. I checked in and filled out some medical history information, and the nurse took us back. She took my blood pressure and weighed me (both were fine). The ultrasound tech then came in and started the ultrasound measurements. She worked at super-sonic speed. It probably took her half the time the tech took at the 20 week ultrasound. My husband told me later that he was thinking, “Either she’s really good at her job or everything she is doing is going to be wrong.” The doctor came in when she was finishing up, and she showed him the highlights (basically the abdomen, femur, humerus, and head measurements, the heart, and the placenta, cord, and blood flow.) His diagnosis, “Everything looks good; I think she’s just going to be a little peanut.” This was the best news we could expect, though I had some specific questions.

I asked about the probability of a chromosomal problem (since we didn’t do the first trimester screening). He thought the probability was quite low because her femur and humerus are proportional rather than shortened and there were no abnormalities noted with any of her other organs. At the 20-week ultrasound she was measuring about a week behind, so I asked if she was still measuring a week behind rather than continuing to get relationally smaller (i.e: now measuring 2 weeks behind) and also how the placenta and blood flow look. He thought the placenta and blood flow looked good, and she is still only measuring a week behind. Everything is proportionally small, so he does not think she is actually growth restricted. (In growth-restricted babies, the abdomen often measures in the low percentiles while the other measurements are on target; this is because the baby conserves nutrients for vital structures like the brain at the expense of less vital structures like the abdomen and kidneys.) I asked about exercise and diet. He was happy with my weight gain during the pregnancy and assured me that exercise was fine (anything I want to do) as long as I continue to gain weight. I felt very reassured after the appointment. I have another ultrasound in three weeks to check her growth and the placenta/blood flow.

I hosted a baby shower for a good friend on Sunday, and it turned out really well. She loved my homemade alphabet book idea, and the Price is Right game turned out well too. My mom helped with the food; we had adorable mini bunt cakes, fruit, cheese and crackers, and m&ms in two shades of pink! The Saturday night prior, this same friend had planned a dinner get-together at her house because a few friends were in town for the shower. It turned out to be a surprise ‘baby sprinkle’ for me! It was so nice of them, and I totally wasn’t expecting it. We had dinner and puppy chow, and I was given lots of adorable baby clothes! I feel very thankful to have such great friends!

Exercise: two measly p90x work-outs (plyos and back/chest)

Weight: 134 pounds (up one for the week and 19 for the pregnancy)

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