Over the past week, I have been a bottomless pit. I feel hungry all the time and have therefore been eating pretty much non-stop. Hopefully the baby (rather than my thighs) will reap the benefits of all of those extra calories, but we’ll see….

I had an appointment, which went fine. My blood pressure was good at 118/72. The baby’s heart-rate was 156 (I think she liked the glucose drink 🙂 My weight was 137 pounds. My urinalysis was clean (no sign of infection, no glucose, no protein). I drank the orange-flavored glucose drink about 45 minutes before the appointment. I didn’t think it tasted horrible: kind of like orange pop or a melted popsicle. The nurse drew my blood when it was exactly one hour after I finished the drink. I haven’t heard anything about the results, but I think they typically only call if they need you to re-do it. I am planning to call and confirm the results before my appointment with the perinatalogist though because I’m sure the information is relevant. I see the perinatalogist tomorrow to check on Baby’s placenta, blood-flow, and growth; hopefully, everything looks good. I really feel like I have gotten huge this week, but my fundal height still measured two weeks small. It will be good to check on things via ultrasound.

Baby has been moving a lot, which is fun. I really love feeling her kicks, jabs, and rolls! Sometimes I delay falling asleep, so I can feel her move; she is particularly active at bedtime. We may have to straighten out those days and nights once she is born 🙂

Our son has been sleeping in a toddler bed, so we converted it back to a crib and moved it into the baby’s room. He now has a twin bed. which he loves! We also moved the glider and changing table into the baby’s room and all of his toys from her room (he was using it as a playroom) into his. I even went through his 0-3 month clothes, washed them, and put them away. A lot of them are unisex clothes; the ones that were clearly boy clothes got put in a bottom drawer (in case I’m behind on laundry). We are going to paint this weekend or next! I will be so glad to have everything ready!

Exercise: one 30-minute jog, one 30-minute elliptical, and one p90x (there were a lot of push-ups and I was really sore the next day; push-ups are not my forte.

Weight: 137 pounds (up two for the week and 22 for the pregnancy)

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