Good news at this week’s appointment! Baby Girl’s AFI is back up to 8.4, which is normal for her size, and means I will continue drinking 4-5 liters of water per day to hopefully maintain this level. Her blood flow continues to look good. She is moving well and practice breathing. Growth measurements can only be assessed every two weeks, so no updates on weight or percentile until next week.

I have been feeling a lot of movement, and I am doing some kick counts when I get the chance. I really enjoy feeling her kicks, rolls, and hiccups, and I am thankful everyday for her existence and continued development.

I haven’t talked about pregnancy symptoms/discomforts much because I really haven’t had many. However, heartburn appears to be back in full force. It’s worse at night but manageable with tums. While I am not exactly nauseated in the evening, I have less appetite and nothing really sounds good to eat. And then when I do eat, I have heartburn. I have been compensating by eating more at breakfast and lunch plus some snacks and very little at dinner/night.

I also had one day of stomach upset and vomiting. I really thought it was food poisoning, but then the next day I had a regular sore throat, stuffy nose, cough. So maybe my “food poisoning” was actually just the weird beginning to a virus. Hard to know. I am feeling better, but I am still really congested.

I got new tires on my car, and I can’t believe the difference they make! We got more snow Sunday night, and the roads weren’t really clear by Monday morning. My son’s babysitter lives near the top of a hill; my old tires would probably still be buried, but the new ones had no problem. It was like magic!

Exercise: sadly I did not exercise at all this week. My excuses include cold weather, not feeling well, and being pregnant with a small baby and low(ish) fluids. None of these are great excuses, but I’ll try again next week….

Weight: 140 pounds (up one for the week and 25 for the pregnancy)

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