My appointment this week was short and sweet. It was with my regular OB doctor rather than the perinatalogist, so there was no ultrasound. My blood pressure continues to be good (114/64), and the baby’s heart rate was good (150s). My fundal height was 30 cm, but that’s okay because it has been measuring two cm small since he first measured it. The baby appears to be getting bigger and growing at a consistent rate. I will have another ultrasound this week to confirm, which is reassuring. I have apparently gotten used to seeing her picture every week. (side-note: perinatalogists are not cheap. I have reasonably good insurance but still pay a $35 copay for each visit plus the bill. Without insurance, one visit with the ultrasound costs over $700. I have met my deductible for the year, so my insurance pays 80%. I’m pretty sure I will meet the co-insurance maximum soon, which I have never done before. I guess this would be the year for us to do any elective medical testing or procedures 🙂

My patients have started regularly asking me whether I’m pregnant, when I’m due, what the name is, if I plan to breastfeed, etc. Most of the time I don’t mind too much. I find that the men usually think I’m HUGE and are convinced the baby might be born at any moment. (They are usually shocked and very concerned for me when I tell them I have two months left.) The women, on the other hand, think I am tiny and tell me I look more like I am 4-5 months along. I’m not sure which way I prefer it. When people tell me I look small, I feel obligated to tell them that the baby is measuring small, but I really shouldn’t have to. When people tell me I’m huge, I sometimes feel a little defensive. I should probably just not worry about it…..

The only pregnancy symptom I have been having is heartburn/reflux. It occurs mostly at night and is very uncomfortable, occasionally causing difficulty falling asleep. However, once I am asleep, I stay that way, for which I am very grateful. I am definitely a girl who needs her sleep. Despite getting adequate sleep, I am still tired. It could be pregnancy-related, but it could be life-related too. I have been working more than usual the past couple of weeks, but it should slow down now.

In other news, the baby’s room is completely ready! We hung the pictures this past weekend, and I have to say it looks really cute. The pictures are actually from the picture book Henny Penny (“the sky is falling”) that we framed. One wall is green and the other three are a really pale pink (ballerina pink). I will attach a picture.

Exercise: I went for two 30 minute walks. I am not so worried about getting back in shape after the baby is born. Lungs, heart, and muscles all tend to have pretty good memory. However, I am a bit nervous about being out of the habit of exercise and putting it back into my schedule. I know it’s important to me, and I want to make it a priority, but I will have other priorities as well (like a nursing newborn and an adjusting 2.5-year-old). I’m sure I will figure it out though.

Weight: 142 pounds (up two for the week and 27 for the pregnancy)

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