My appointment with the perinatalogist went well. According to the ultrasound, she now weighs four pounds! This puts her in the 13th percentile, but that’s fine. Everything else looked great too. Her growth is still symmetric. Her blood flow continues to look good. Her AFI is still above 5 (7.0). She is still practice breathing and moving her fingers and toes. My blood pressure is good (108/64). Next week I see my regular OB and maybe have a non-stress test, which I have never done before. I am feeling optimistic that she is doing well, that we will make it to term, and that she will not require the NICCU. However, I am trying to keep an open mind to make sure that we do whatever is best for Baby Girl.

I will be full-term in four weeks! I can’t believe how close it is getting!

I’m still having heartburn, and I’m guessing I probably will until the baby is born. I’m feeling tired, but it really has not been horrible. I have also recently begun to have some pelvic bone discomfort, which I had in my first pregnancy but I thought it was from running/working out. However, I’m not really working out now, so it’s probably just the ligaments stretching in preparation for delivery day.

I have been trying to figure out my maternity leave from work: how long I want to take and if I want any changes to my schedule once I return. There are so many things to consider, so it’s tough. I think I have decided on eight weeks off, but no changes to my current schedule once I return. I’m sure I can make adjustments later if necessary.

I have also done a teeny bit of shopping. I bought her a few little outfits, a boppy pillow (I never had one with my son, but I hear they’re amazing), and some new tubing and connectors for my breast pump. We also picked up a package of newborn sized diapers. I feel like we are fairly prepared to bring a baby home now!

Exercise: not much. I went for two 30 minute walks.

Weight: 143 pounds (up one for the week and 28 for the pregnancy)

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