My husband was on Spring break this week, so he and my son accompanied me to my appointment. It was with my regular OB doc, so it was short and sweet. My blood pressure was good. The baby’s heart rate was good (150). My fundal height was 32 cm, which was fine. I asked him how long he would allow me to stay pregnant. It sounds like as long as everything continues to look good on the ultrasounds, they won’t deliver early. However, if I am still pregnant at my 39 week appointment, they will schedule an induction for sometime the following week because they don’t want me to go past my due date. Based on this information, I likely have between three and six weeks left to be pregnant! It’s nice to have a timeline.

While he was home, we also cleaned out closets, took our son to a train museum and a couple of parks, and re-created our first date by attending the state basketball tournament. In addition, he enjoyed plenty of relaxation, TV watching, and naps.

I am trying to enjoy my remaining time being pregnant, looking forward to meeting Baby Girl, and also looking forward to my eight week leave with both my son and the new baby! My husband is taking two weeks off to help everyone adjust and then going back for a few weeks until the end of the school year. Then he’ll be home another couple of weeks before starting some summer classes (about the time I am also going back to work.) The baby is actually going to go to “daycare” at the lady’s house where my son is currently attending. She only takes three kids (and her husband is also retired and helps out some too), so it’s a good environment for a baby. I want my son to go somewhere with other kids his age now that he is approaching three years old. I have looked enough to know that there are lots of options, but I haven’t interviewed anyone or decided on anyone yet.

I’m still having heartburn and feel just generally blah at night. I find myself going to bed earlier whenever I can, similar to the first trimester. I am also occasionally waking up with a mild back ache, though I never notice it during the day or while I am trying to fall asleep so I probably shouldn’t complain.

Exercise: My husband was home during nap time this week AND the weather was nice, so I went for four hour-long walks and a couple shorter (and slower) walks with my son.

Weight: 144 pounds (up one for the week, 29 for the pregnancy)

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