At my 35 week appointment, there was good news and there was bad news. The good news was that the baby gained a whole pound (in two weeks), so she now weighs five pounds and is in the 19th percentile for weight. The bad news was that her AFI (amniotic fluid index) was down to 4.0. Anything less than 5 is worrisome. He gave me the option of being admitted for IV fluids or drinking a lot of water and seeing him again in four days. I chose to drink a lot of water. I have been drinking about 6 liters of water and a 20 oz gatorade for the past three days, and my appointment is tomorrow. My understanding is that if the AFI is above 5, baby stays put for a bit longer. If it is below 5, we deliver. I’m hoping to stay pregnant for two or three more weeks, but of course, my number one goal is to do whatever is best for the baby. Aside from the low fluid, Baby Girl continues to look healthy with good blood flow and symmetric growth. My blood pressure also continues to be good. I’ll be interested to hear my doctor’s assessment of the placenta once she is born, and he takes a look at it.

My pregnancy discomforts include heartburn/reflux and just recently (probably the last two days) my hips have been hurting. I assume it’s from the relaxin hormone preparing my body for delivery. Obviously, I also have frequent urination, which is expected when a person who is 35 weeks pregnant drinks more than six liters of fluid in a day. However, it is not quite as frequent as I had anticipated it might be; maybe that means the extra fluid is going to the baby?

We have been thinking of selling our house and moving about 30 miles away to the smaller town where my husband teaches. We need to do some de-cluttering first, but we are hoping to get the house on the market in May. I have never sold a house, but I can already tell that it is stressful and not fun. Buying a house, on the other hand, is fun. We went through three open-houses on Sunday and found one that we both really liked. We have to sell our current house before we can buy anything else, but if it’s still on the market, it might be our winner 🙂

Exercise: two hour-long walks and a couple of shorter walks. The last few days, I have been trying not to do anything that might make me sweat (in order to conserve fluids.)

Weight: 145 pounds (up one for the week and 30 for the pregnancy)

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