I am still pregnant!

I actually had two appointments last week (one with the specialist and one with my regular doctor.) At the appointment with the specialist, I had an ultrasound for a BPP (biophysical profile). The fluid was better at 7.4, so we were happy about that. Baby Girl was taking a nap in there though, so she wasn’t practice breathing or moving. They ended up buzzing her to wake her up. It’s such a funny sensation to feel/hear the buzzer and then to feel the baby jump in response to the buzz. After she woke, she started moving and practice breathing right away.

A few days later I saw my regular OB doc. The appointment started with a non-stress test (my first), and the heart-rate was high. It was running around 160-170 at baseline with accelerations up in the 190s. She was running around like crazy during this test, but it still made my doctor nervous. He ended up checking my cervix to see if my body is anywhere near being ready to deliver if that becomes necessary. I was 75% effaced, but not at all dilated. He also did the Group B Strep test, which I’m guessing I will get the results for this week. He then sent me back upstairs (to the specialist) because of his concern over the heart-rate. The fluid was 9.4, which is the highest it’s been! Then they hooked me up to another non-stress test, and her heart-rate was much lower with a baseline in the 140s and accelerations in the 160s. She had gone back to sleep and only moved a few times during the test, which is probably why it was lower. Two hours later, I went home.

Because this baby could be born anytime now, I packed my hospital bag. I didn’t pack one until the morning my water broke during my first pregnancy, but I ended up forgetting a lot of things and sending my husband home to get them. I think he made two or three trips 🙂 I have also been trying to make sure the house is clean every night (especially the nights before appointments) in case the doctors (or the baby) decide that she would be better off out than in.

My symptoms are the same: heartburn/reflux, frequent urination, and hip/pelvic discomfort. I expect these to continue until the baby is born.

The highlight of the last week was the variety show at my husband’s school. He actually sang at it with a couple of other teachers. It was fun to watch him. There were a lot of other good acts as well. It was a fundraiser to help raise money for a new auditorium; I haven’t heard how much they made from it, but my guess is that it was not nearly enough. I believe they need to raise $350,000, but i suppose every little bit helps….

Exercise: not much. I go for short walks with my family after dinner now that the weather is nice. I am really looking forward to running again after the baby is born.

Weight: 147 pounds (up 2 for the week and 32 for the pregnancy)

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