I am officially full-term, which is so exciting! Baby’s lungs should be developed by now, so anytime is a good time for her to be born. I had two appointments again this past week. I saw the specialist at the beginning of the week and had a BPP and a non-stress test. The BPP was great; she was practice breathing and moving around. Her blood flow looked great, and her fluid was around 7. Her heart rate was a bit fast during the non-stress test, but the doctor wasn’t too concerned since it demonstrated a lot of variability plus she was moving quite a bit.

My second appointment was with my regular doctor, but he did a non-stress test and an ultrasound just to check the fluid. The non-stress test was good; her heart rate wasn’t even high this time! It was, however, quite obvious that my doctor is not accustomed to doing ultrasounds and also that his office ultrasound machine is a bit dated. With the nurse’s help, he managed to get an AFI done though. It was 8.4, so we were all happy. My group B strep test came back negative, so that’s good – one less thing to worry about. I am still 75% effaced, but am now also 1 cm dilated. The doctor proclaimed me to have a “favorable cervix” should he have to induce labor. Things seem to be going pretty well though, so hopefully I will get to go into labor on my own…..

Next week, they will do measurements to see how big she has gotten. I am hoping she weighs six pounds, but we’ll see…..

My only new pregnancy symptom is difficulty sleeping. It’s not horrible, and I AM sleeping. I just have more trouble finding a comfortable position, wake up once during the night to use the restroom, and then wake up fairly early in the morning (earlier than I would like) and can’t get back to sleep.

We are pretty sure we have decided on a name for Baby Girl. It is not on her wall or anything, but we have been calling her Lauren instead of Baby. Our son has been talking about playing cars with Baby Lauren and sharing his doggies with her. We try to tell him that it will be a little while before she is able to do those things, but he’ll probably just have to wait and find out for himself.

In other news, we have two real estate people coming on Friday afternoon to look at our house and give us a market analysis. We’re hoping to get our house on the market in the beginning of May, shortly after the baby is born. This seems very stressful to me, but we don’t want to miss home-buying season. We have also been looking at houses we might want to buy, which is more fun. However, we really want our new house payment to be less than our current one, so we are eliminating quite a few houses.

Exercise: just short after-dinner walks

Weight: 149 pounds (up two for the week and 34 for the pregnancy)

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