My appointments went great this week! I saw the specialist for a BPP and measurements. Baby’s fluid was between seven and eight. She was practice-breathing and moving. Her heart rate was 150. But the most exciting part was her measurements; according to the ultrasound, she now weighs 6 pounds 11 ounces! This is the 42nd percentile, and we consider it huge! The reason I started seeing a specialist in the first place was because she was small – about the 8th percentile at 25 weeks. At that time, he told me that I would be lucky to have a 4.5 pound baby, but she has continued to get bigger and make up percentiles. In the last two weeks, she must have had a growth spurt though because she went from the 19th to the 42nd percentiles. I just can’t believe how big she is. My son was only 6 pounds 1 ounce.

I also had an appointment with my regular doctor. He did a non-stress test, which looked good. My blood pressure was fine, and there hasn’t been any change in my cervix. I am still 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced. He always asks if I am having contractions, but I very rarely notice any. I don’t think I had much in the way of Braxton-Hicks with my first pregnancy either. We also set up an induction day, though I really don’t want to be induced. I would really prefer to go into labor naturally, but since I am being monitored so closely because of her low fluid, he says everyone will be relieved to see her out where she is no longer in danger of cord compression. I want what’s best for her, so I agreed. It looks like her birthday will be Monday April 16th unless she comes on her own before then. I will be 39 weeks 2 days at that point. It is nice to have an end-date and to be able to plan a little bit, particularly because my husband has a couple of concerts coming up and because we need to figure out what we will do with our two-year-old……

Aside from doctor visits, I have been nesting like crazy. Part of the nesting is due to the approaching birth of the baby, but part of it is due to the fact that our house is going on the market soon, and I am trying to prepare for that. We met with two real estate agents and chose one. He is ready to move fast, so we are getting our carpets cleaned this week and doing some other cleaning that isn’t regularly done (at least in our house) like washing windows, dusting blinds and ceiling fans, etc.! I think he wants to list it the 20th, which is 4 days after the induction, and not really ideal for me. Apparently the Friday before the agent tour is a good time to do it though, so we’ll make it work. Wish us luck!

We had a nice Easter visiting with my family out at my aunt’s farm with a big egg/candy hunt for the kiddos. We then went to my husband’s parents’ house to visit with his side of the family. We were so thankful for beautiful weather and getting to enjoy spending the day outside with family. We came home with way too much candy though (and candy is a major weakness for me – just what I need while I’m trying to lose the baby weight…..)

Exercise: just walking, but I got permission to walk longer distances (about 40 minutes a day) in hopes of encouraging a natural start to labor. So far, it has not helped with that, but I have been enjoying the longer walks.

Weight: 150 pounds (up one for the week and 35 for the pregnancy

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