39 Week Journal

At my specialist appointment this week, the fluid had decreased to 5.0. I thought maybe they would decide to induce that day, but the doctors suddenly did not seem very concerned and assured me everything would be fine until the induction date. At my regular appointment, he didn’t do a non-stress test or anything. He just checked my cervix, blood pressure, and the baby’s heart rate. My cervix had not changed, but my blood pressure and the baby’s heart rate were both good.

We had a busy weekend. My husband’s concert was Friday night. His kids did a great job! we also had our carpets cleaned, which was harder than it sounds because we had to move a very heavy couch (the kind that reclines) and a very heavy piano. My husband’s dad came over to help with that since I’m not strong enough even in my non-pregnant state. On Saturday, I worked my last Urgent Care shift for eight weeks. It was actually pretty slow, and I read a whole book, which was nice. On Sunday, we cleaned, planted flowers, hung pictures, changed light fixtures, and otherwise prepared our house for the market. I was exhausted! I also lost part of my mucus plug later in the evening, which didn’t mean much since I was being induced in less than 12 hours anyway.

Exercise: walking and cleaning

Weight: 151 pounds (up one for the week and 36 for the pregnancy)

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