I was thrilled to the gills to see TWO pink lines on my home pregnancy test last week.  I am 28 years old and have been married to my wonderful husband (31 years old) for six years.  We have a two-year-old son, who is the joy of our lives.  I work part-time as a physician assistant and spend the rest of my time being a mommy!

I will update this journal weekly and will include pregnancy symptoms, discomforts, and joys,  exercise, weight gain, doctor visit updates, and anything else I think might be interesting or important.  However, it seems appropriate to first discuss how difficult I find the “trying to conceive” process.  We were fortunate enough to conceive on my third cycle off of birth control, and I know how lucky that makes us.  The process is so emotionally hard, and I really feel for people who want so badly to become pregnant and struggle.

Our original plan was to just stop the birth control pills and see what happened, but as soon as I stopped the pill, I began feeling impatient.  I charted temperatures and tracked my cervical mucus.  I even ended up buying a home ovulation predictor kit at the last minute.  During the two-week wait, I managed to convince myself that I was indeed pregnant and was, therefore, crushed when the test came back negative (because I’m not patient enough to wait for my period like a normal person.)  The next month was the same story.  I found that my mood was good, I was optimistic, and I could focus on family and work during the first couple of weeks; however, after ovulation I felt anxious.  I wanted to analyze my chart all day looking for signs of pregnancy.  I had trouble focusing.  And I had a strange longing to pee on sticks.  I actually made it to 12 DPO before I tested and was once again so disappointed.

The third time was the charm; I had a more relaxed attitude since the baby’s due date would be in April, and that is not good timing for my husband’s job.  We only had intercourse twice in my fertile week and only one of those was close enough to ovulation to really count.  (Based on temps and OPKs, I believe it was between 24 and 48 hours prior to ovulation).  I had a temperature (implantation) dip on my chart at 8 DPO.  My breasts were also really really sore at 10 DPO; I tried so hard to talk myself out of taking a pregnancy test, “It’s too early.  You could get a false negative and be disappointed.  Your breasts were sore last month too, and you weren’t pregnant.  It’s a waste of money.  Just wait for your period like a normal person.”  I had some Dollar Tree tests in the house though and ultimately my will-power was no match for my strange longing to pee on sticks.  I took the test and got a faint line!  I was thrilled but took another one with the same sample to make sure it wasn’t an evaporation line.  Later in the evening, I went and bought a digital test just because I wanted to see one that said, “pregnant.”  Ridiculous, I know!

And here we are!  According to my last menstrual period, I am almost 6 weeks; however, I know that I have a longer than average cycle and that I ovulated even later than expected this past month, so I think I’m actually only about 5 weeks.  I’m hoping for an ultrasound at my first appointment to confirm the dating.  Here are my pregnancy stats so far:

Symptoms: -Tender breasts, but this seems to be decreasing

-Skin breakout mostly on my chin and forehead

-Possibly frequent urination: it’s hard to tell because I drink a lot of water and urinate

often anyway

-No nausea yet!  I hope it stays that way

-Overall, I feel good and don’t really notice that I am pregnant.

Exercise: I don’t notice feeling any different during exercise yet.  I love running and was able to continue at a slow pace until about week 35 during my last pregnancy.  i would love to be able to do that again.  This week I completed three 4-mile runs on paved trails and did the legs and back P90X DVD.  I don’t love these, but they’re convenient because I can do them while my son naps.

Weight: 115 pounds (no weight gain yet)

Appointments: my first one is September 15th.  I am looking forward to it!

Other: We haven’t told any of our friends or family the big news yet.  With our son, we told family and select friends right away, but this time we are taking some time to enjoy our little secret.  We don’t have a set week in mind; we will simply tell when it seems natural!

Until next week……

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