Savoring our little pregnancy secret didn’t last long. I had lunch with a friend, who announced that she is pregnant, and before I could stop myself, I said, “Me too!” This would not ordinarily be a big deal; however, she was my next door neighbor growing up, so our moms are friends. I could just picture her telling her mom, who would say something to my mom before I had the opportunity to tell her myself. My mom’s feelings would definitely be hurt, so we have told both my parents and my husbands parents. I also ended up telling my boss because she is trying to make some staffing decisions, and I thought it was fair for her to have all of the information. I’m not sharing my news with the general office yet though.

For the first part of the week, I really did not have any noticeable symptoms; however, I have been EXHAUSTED the last couple of days. I did stay up later than I should have on Thursday night, and I worked a ten hour shift on Saturday. I’m pretty sure this fatigue is more to do with the baby than those little things though. I did have a tiny bit of nausea when I was swinging (like on a swing-set) with my son and a bit more when I was riding on a bus; however, I am still, for the most part, nausea-free. I have also noticed a definite increase in the number of times I have to urinate in a day, though I haven’t started waking up in the night yet, so that’s good!

No real food cravings or aversions, but someone posted on facebook about a nutter butter blizzard, and I keep thinking about how delicious (but not nutritious) that sounds! I may just have to get one of those this week.

As far as exercise goes, I went to a class at the gym (called Athletic Training at 24 Hour Fitness); it involved some lower impact jumping and step drills plus a bit of running. I only managed to go for two additional runs of about four miles each. The first was at an arboretum on wood chip trails. The second was on paved trails around a lake. I noticed feeling a bit more tired than I ordinarily would have, especially on the hills, but it still felt pretty good. I’m just trying to tell myself to enjoy it now, since I know how uncomfortable it could be in a few months.

Weight: 117 pounds (up two for the week, up two for the pregnancy). I realize that it’s not necessary to gain any weight in the first trimester, but I honestly don’t feel like I’ve eaten more this week than I usually do. During my last pregnancy, I gained TEN pounds in the first trimester and 35 overall, so maybe my body just likes to store up a little extra weight/fat at the beginning 🙂

Appointments: I am really excited for the first one because that makes the pregnancy feel more real. My husband is not sure he believes a handful of pregnancy tests. He wants ultrasound proof!

Overall, I am still thrilled to be pregnant and feeling well!

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