I just completed a hilly 5-mile run with some great friends.  I told them my news because I am so excited.  One of the girls will be out of town next weekend, so if I had not told them today, I would have had to wait two whole weeks.  I just wasn’t prepared to do that.  They were very excited of course, and one of them is also pregnant (about 22 weeks).  It will be fun to have kiddos so close in age!  The run felt pretty good, though I am now exhausted and have a weird sciatic-like pain on my right side.  It was totally worth it though.  I love talking to and running with these girls: we discussed a current dating interest, an upcoming matron of honor speech, financial concerns, a recent ultrasound (not mine), and of course my big pregnancy news.  Sounds like a good run to me!  Aside from this run, I did a 3-mile run with my dog and went to a class at the gym.  I would really like to be working out four or five times a week; I suppose I get another shot this week 🙂

Aside from being tired ALL THE TIME despite getting 8-10 hours of sleep, I have had some mild nausea and breast tenderness.  The acne is still there, though I did switch moisturizers, which might be making a difference.  I was looking forward to when I might stop losing my hair; I remember that happening fairly early when I was pregnant with my son.  However, I have not noticed any change in the amount of hair coming out of my head.  Bummer.

My first appointment is on Thursday, and I am very excited.  I really hope that I get an ultrasound, so I can see the tiny heartbeat and confirm that he/she is doing okay.

Weight: 117 pounds (no change for the week, up two for the pregnancy)

We went to a couple’s shower for some friends, and there were SO many brand new babies there.  Seeing and holding them all makes me so excited to have another tiny bundle in the house!

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