I had my first prenatal appointment on Thursday, and everything looks good so far. My blood pressure was 108/56. They collected blood and urine for some labs. The doctor did a pap and pelvic exam and said everything looked good. He was ready to send me on my way, but I asked for an ultrasound. I told him I had one at eight weeks with my son and that I really really needed to see the little heartbeat to know that the baby is okay and make it seem real. He seemed a bit skeptical, but wrote the order anyway. I had to wait about 30 minutes, but it was so worth it! A student actually performed the ultrasound, and the ultrasound tech just came in at the very end. I always let the students talk to me, examine me, or do anything else that needs to be done even if it makes me uncomfortable or doubles the amount of time I am in the office. I was a student once, and if the patients don’t let them come in the room, it makes it hard for them to learn. The baby looked great. Basically we could see a head with eye sockets, a chest with a beating heart, and tiny arm and leg buds. The heart rate was 161. I have been having uncomfortable twinges on my left side since ovulation, so I was curious to know if the corpus luteum was on my left ovary, and it was. My next appointment is in four weeks, but I most likely won’t have another ultrasound until the 20-week scan.

We did not have the screening blood work or nuchal translucency testing at 16 weeks with our son and have made the same decision this time. The blood tests basically screen for neural tube defects, Down’s Syndrome, and other chromosomal disorders. The nuchal translucency tests primarily for Down’s by measuring the thickness of the baby’s neck. These tests do not diagnose these conditions, but instead give a percentage (like 1 in 1000 chance or 1 in 300 chance). We would not terminate the pregnancy regardless of if the baby had Down’s or Spina Bifida. And because the results of the test are not going to change anything we will do or not do, we decided we might as well not get them at all.

I called a few close friends after the appointment to tell them the news, so I think I have already told everyone that I’m going to tell. We haven’t seen extended family yet, but I think I will just dress our two-year-old in a shirt that says “only child” and then has it crossed out. This will save us from making an awkward announcement at the next family gathering.

Exercise was no better this week than last. I went for three short runs and that was it. We did go to an indoor pool, but I was just hanging out with my son and not swimming laps, so I don’t think it counts.

As far as symptoms go, I haven’t felt horrible. As long as I eat regularly, the nausea is minimal. I still have acne and breast tenderness. I have to urinate often and have started waking up to go once in the middle of the night and planning my running routes based on whether there is bathroom or a good wilder-pee location along the way. I also have some mild constipation, which is new and uncomfortable.

Weight: 118 pounds, up one for the week and three for the pregnancy

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