When someone finds out that you are pregnant, they may share some silly pregnancy myths with you as a conversation starter. It’s fun to hear all the ways that people can predict the sex of the baby, how much hair they will have, and when the baby will be born. It is entertaining, but that’s about all it is.

Women who take this advice seriously could be in for a big let down when their Aunt Mary tells them that they are having a girl because of the shape of the pregnant woman’s face and it turns out to be a boy. What if you had went out and bought clothes for a girl all on this one piece of advice that came from some of the old pregnancy myths people used to believe in? You would have some major returning to do.

The facts about pregnancy and the shape of your face all depend on how you gain weight while you are pregnant. This is what determines how round your face will get, not the sex of the baby.

One of the funniest pregnancy myths ever told to me was the one about determining the baby’s sex by how high or low you were carrying the baby. Many women today still believe that if you have a baby high in your stomach area, that it will be a boy. Now come on, all babies drop down eventually the closer you get to delivery. But if you don’t want to offend someone who does believe this is a determining factor, just laugh with them and say, you could be right, because they very well could be right. They could also be wrong. It’s a 50% chance that whatever they guess with their pregnancy myth of choice is going to be right. So just let them guess and have fun with it.

Some generations of people believe that your cravings will determine the sex of the baby. If you have a heavy craving for chocolate, you will be having a girl, if you want sour foods, or could just eat a lemon raw, you are carrying a boy. These pregnancy myths have been proven wrong time and time again yet people still tend to talk about them.

It’s pregnancy myths that go against your doctors advice that you should avoid listening to. Just because Aunt Mary says that you don’t need to have a certain test preformed doesn’t mean you have to listen to her.

Always follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to taking care of yourself and the baby. Pregnancy myths are just that, myths that people have come up with over the years for various reasons. My best guess would be that overworked mother came up with the myth that you can’t put your arms over your head because the umbilical cord would get wrapped around the baby’s neck. Sounds to me like she just didn’t want to hang the laundry that day.

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