Every woman will have different signs of pregnancy. Each woman is different and being pregnant affects them all in different ways. Some women may experience all of the different signs of pregnancy while others won’t show any of them.

If you think you might be pregnant, you should be on the lookout for signs of pregnancy in your body. There will be clues if you know what to look for and are monitoring closely the changes going on in your body.

Of course the most obvious signs of pregnancy would be a missed period. Missing your period doesn’t always mean that you are pregnant. There are many other reasons you might miss a period or have it a few days to a week later than normal. Emotional stress can cause your period to be delayed and so can a few different medical conditions. Being able to spot the other signs of pregnancy will help you to make the determination to whether or not you might be pregnant no matter what is going on with your periods.

If you have already missed a period, you can get a home pregnancy test to tell you for sure, but these can provide a false negative reading if taken too soon. Always take a home pregnancy test first thing in the morning or after you haven’t emptied your bladder for four or more hours.

Being tired and having fatigue is also one of the good signs of pregnancy that can be present even before a period is missed. This symptom of pregnancy can be experienced right after conception as the body is making the necessary adjustments to having a fertilized egg inside it.

Some women report that their first signs of pregnancy came in the form of tender and swollen breasts. It’s different for every woman, but many also say that their breasts feel like they do right before they have a period. Other women say that they have a heavy feeling in their breasts or have seen an increase in size. Other changes that can happen in the breasts are darkening of the nipples. If your nipples change color or turn into a deeper color, you will want to perform a pregnancy test for complete verification.

A test with your healthcare provider will be the best way to find out if your signs of pregnancy are real or if you are just wanting to be pregnant and finding similarities between your normal health and the way you are supposed to feel when you are pregnant.

Bloating is commonly reported as one of the signs of pregnancy in many women as well. Abdominal enlargement is pretty common among most women who find themselves pregnant. Although weight gain during this time will be minimal, the feeling of having an enlarged stomach area is common.

Many women will get a craving for something out of the ordinary or have to have their favorite food all the time. This is pretty common as one of the signs of pregnancy however, the reasons for it haven’t been scientifically proven to date. Not wanting the foods you normally eat may be an indicator as well.

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