There are three different pregnancy stages a woman’s body will go through from the time of conception to delivery. Many people will refer to them as the three trimesters of pregnancy. You’ve probably heard women who are pregnant talk about what stage of pregnancy or what trimester they are in currently. The reason for the different pregnancy stages is because the body goes through some major changes during these periods of time and it’s easier to relate it to a certain time of the pregnancy instead of just saying how far along they were.

Just after conception to the time the egg is fertilized and grows into an embryo is considered to be the first of the pregnancy stages. During this time, a woman who is pregnant will see changes in her breasts, they may become sore to the touch and the nipples may change in color. It’s also the time when a woman is most exhausted and may have so much nausea that she is always thinking about the closest restroom. By the end of the first pregnancy stage or the first trimester, the baby inside the uterus will be developing their organs vital to life. The heart will be circulating blood throughout the body and you might even be able to see it beating with an ultrasound. They will also now have grown tiny limbs and developed a face.

Babies all form in the same way throughout the different pregnancy stages. It’s a timeline for women to judge where they are at and what is going on with the baby inside them at the time.

In the second of the pregnancy stages, or the second trimester, the baby will continue to grow inside the uterus. The heartbeat will become stronger and you will be able to hear it when you visit the doctor’s office. Body hair develops on the baby in this stage of pregnancy as well. The pregnant woman will be gaining about one pound each week once the start of the second trimester begins. Eating right is important in all of the pregnancy stages for both the baby and the mother to be. Making sure that food choices are good ones is important to getting all the vitamins and minerals the mother and baby need to stay healthy.

The last of the pregnancy stages is the third trimester. This is when things start to get uncomfortable for the pregnant woman. She may be able to determine sleep patterns of the baby that is inside her because of the way she can feel the baby moving around. You may see an elbow or a knee protruding from the stomach of a pregnant woman, and this is normal. Space is limited inside a woman’s body and the baby will be fighting to stay comfortable and will want to move around a bit each day.

At week 37 of the pregnancy, the baby is considered to be full term and can be born at any time. Keeping a record of all your different pregnancy stages will be a nice remembrance of the changes your body went through while pregnant.

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