If you are one of the many young girls or women who have never been pregnant in the past, you may need one of the home pregnancy tests to help you decide if that is what is going on with your body. If you’ve been pregnant before, you will know what it feels like to be pregnant but should probably take a pregnancy test just to make sure before making an appointment with your doctor.

When you have missed a period and your body is all of a sudden feeling different, pregnancy tests will be a must. It’s a good idea to take one before making an appointment with your doctor. Pregnancy Tests work with close to 100% accuracy, however, if you think you are pregnant and a pregnancy test says negative, you should make an appointment right away to see your gynecologist or primary care physician. Sometimes an ectopic pregnancy, which is a fertilized egg that is in the fallopian tubes instead of inside the uterus where it needs to be for a healthy baby, will not produce the chemical that triggers a positive response in the pregnancy tests. If you think you are pregnant and you get a negative response from the pregnancy test you take, go ahead and make the appointment so they can decide what course of action to take if you are pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy.

All home pregnancy tests are based on the same method but some are more sensitive to the hormone that is present in pregnant women. They all will use a chemical strip of some kind that detects hCG, the special hormone that is only present when a woman has a fertilized egg inside them. For the best results, these pregnancy tests should be taken early in the morning with your first urine if at all possible. If you can’t wait until the next morning to find out, just be sure you haven’t went to the bathroom in the last 4 hours or drank a lot of fluids right before taking it. Always follow the directions on the box of the pregnancy test to make sure you get an accurate reading.

Most experts recommend waiting 5 or more days after missing your period before taking one of the home pregnancy tests for the most accurate results. A woman’s body will start to produce levels of hCG about 10 days after conception but taking the pregnancy test to early may result in a false negative response because the levels are too low to be detected.

There are many pregnancy tests that you can take online to determine your chances of being pregnant as well. They will ask you a variety of questions that will give you an accurate determination as to whether or not you might be pregnant. One of the most important questions to get right is the one about your last period. Just be sure to answer all the questions correctly to make sure you get an accurate reading.

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