At the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby will only weigh between 2 and 3 pounds, but growth will start to be much faster during the last weeks of pregnancy. The baby’s eyes will start to open and close and they even have a color. Lots of things happen in the third trimester of pregnancy that will make the expectant mother realize they are soon going to be a mother.

Hiccups will begin to be felt by the mother and they will start to happen more frequently. The mother may first think that her uterus is having spasms, but it’s normal for the baby’s hiccups to feel that way.

By the 29th week of the third trimester of pregnancy the baby will pack a powerful punch. Movements increase almost daily and your abdomen may become out of shape at times due to the acrobatics going on inside your uterus. Some mother’s have even had their breath taken away from some of the kicks they have felt.

From week 30 on until the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby will be gaining weight like crazy. More weight will be put on now than ever before, about ½ pound each week until just a few weeks before delivery.

If born now, the baby has a much better chance of survival than before but will probably still need the help of a ventilator to help them breathe. Every day they are inside you until they are considered to be full term at 37 to 40 weeks brings a better chance for survival if they are born early.

Space inside your uterus will become limited during the third trimester of pregnancy. This may make movements calm down a bit or at least feel like it. You should be feeling the baby move 5 or more times in an hour and if you notice a definite decrease in movement or feel no movement at all you should call you doctor right away to have it checked out. The movements will turn from jabs to rolls as space inside the uterus becomes more confined.

Near the 36th week of the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby will start to descend and will turn upside down in preparation for birth. At week 37 delivery can happen at any time now. The baby is considered to be full term at this point of the pregnancy.

A mother to be may be focusing on the due date for delivery. This is just an estimation of time that the baby will be born and doesn’t necessarily mean the baby will come on that exact day. Many babies are born within one to two weeks either before or after their due date and won’t be considered to be overdue until you reach 42 weeks. If you are at 42 weeks and there is no sign of delivery, your doctor may want to talk with you about your options for keeping the baby safe and healthy.

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