If you have had a baby in the past and are on your second or third child, you will probably be able to recognize the same pregnancy symptoms as you had with your first pregnancy as soon as they start to happen. You won’t have to wait until you miss a period to know that you are pregnant because you will recognize all the early pregnancy symptoms that someone who has never been pregnant might mistake for something else.

Even before you miss a period, there are certain things that will be symptoms of being pregnant going on with your body. Your nipples may change to a darker color than they normally were before you became pregnant. This is one of the pregnancy symptoms you can watch for if you think you might be pregnant. In general your breasts will be tender as if you were getting ready to start your period and may become heavy or full feeling all the time.

Your stomach or abdomen may feel bloated more than normal when you first become pregnant. Yes some women say they can tell they are pregnant because of the way they feel in this area of their body. They aren’t lying when they day they can feel the baby. Well it’s not really the baby they feel, it’s the process their body is going through in preparation for being able to carry the baby.

Pregnancy symptoms that women report the most are frequent urinating and an increase in their normal body temperature. This is something most women will experience when they think they might be pregnant.

Mood swings and higher stress levels are also commonly reported as one of the first pregnancy symptoms. Fast changing hormones are the culprit behind these mood swings and can cause a woman to cry unexpectedly or be on cloud nine or both at the same time. Moods can change from happy to sad or sad to happy very quickly in a woman who is pregnant.

The most unpleasant of all pregnancy symptoms is the nausea and sickness that so many women have in common when they discover they are pregnant. Most people call this morning sickness but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to happen in the morning to be a sign of pregnancy. It can happen at .any given time of the night or anytime during the day as well. This is thought to be the result of estrogen levels rising after conception causing the stomach to empty slower. Some people also refer to morning sickness as cravings for a certain food. If you suddenly find yourself wanting a food that you wouldn’t normally want, you may need to take a pregnancy tests to make sure.

If you have the biggest of all the pregnancy symptoms, a missed period, you can use a home pregnancy test to determine a positive or negative result so you will know for sure.

Being tired and general fatigue is reported by many women who show no other pregnancy symptoms at all.

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