A woman’s third pregnancy is usually her last unless she plans on having a very big family. With the third baby, most things are “old hat” by now. Having 2 other babies under her belt is the best experience ever for having a baby and going through a pregnancy. This time for many women is the last time she will ever experience pregnancy so it’s important to enjoy every moment of it. Keeping a record of the events that happen during the third pregnancy will help the parents remember much more about it than if a record is not kept. With the third pregnancy, many women tend to let things slip more than they did with their first or second pregnancy.

Money is another big issue that couples have when they are in their third pregnancy. With three children, it’s pretty hard to count on two full time incomes. The daycare costs alone would be more than one person could make in a month unless they are lucky enough to have a great career where they make a sizable income. Another alternative for one parent could be working at home with a small business so that they can care for the children while still bringing in some money to add to the family budget at the same time.

The third pregnancy will also be more stressful than the previous two because now their will be two children to care for while going through the pregnancy. It’s hard enough to control each child and teach them right from wrong without being pregnant with a third baby.

Having children close together can also mean years of diaper changes and teaching babies that only food is supposed to be in their mouths. Some parents may even have two or possibly three babies in diapers at the same time if they have their third pregnancy close to their other ones. They may not be in diapers full time, but it is a possibility of having 3 babies wearing them at the same time. This can be a lot of work and stressful all at once. This is something else to work into the cost of having a third baby. Talk about the budget suffering from the cost of diapers!

Another stressful part of the third pregnancy is dealing with making enough space for a third baby. The other two babies may have to be moved around a bit in preparation for the home coming of the new baby. This should be done well in advance of the baby’s arrival so that everyone is used to their new living quarters so that new mothers can get the sleep they need when they need it the most.

While stress may play a big part in a third pregnancy, it’s important to remember that it will be just as special as your first two pregnancies were. Added stress is all a part of the journey to having three children. Remember to take time for yourself during this time to relax.

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